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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin and Shrimp Gnocchi

Raffaele Montella is visiting Chicago and while he is here, one of our favorite things to do together is cook. With him around, he is the chef and I am the ever-so-eager culinary student.

Last week he invited D and myself over and we made a pumpkin and shrimp gnocchi, perfect for the season. It was amazing! I had never used pumpkin in a pasta, and although the process is tedious, I would definitely do it again.

Unfortunately, I don't have the exact recipe, but if you are interested you could use the instructions below and replicate for your own version!

First we peeled, seeded and diced a small pumpkin. We placed the pumpkin in a pot with cool water and boiled until soft, about 25 minutes. Then, we added one package of frozen shrimp, one package of frozen mussels, parsley, and a bit of olive oil.

After about 5 minutes we began boiling water in another pot to cook the gnocchi. Add salt to the water. Mix the gnocchi and pumpkin and shrimp mixture together along with about 1/2 of cup of a pasty mixture of flour, olive oil, and salt.

There you have it. Wonderful!

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