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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Foods

We're finally back in Chicago, and Daniele insists I post a blog in regards to our holiday meals. Traditionally, in Italy Daniele would usually have a salmon and cream pasta with other fish dishes for Christmas Eve dinner. Since we were celebrating here in the US, instead we ate this meal for dinner on Christmas day.

Probably the most impressive of our Holiday Foods included our dessert selection: four different types of macaroons, a traditional Italian Christmas dessert, and a pecan pie cheesecake. My brother made the cookies and the cheesecake. The four flavors of macaroons included: pomegranate with chocolate ganache, orange risotto, lemon, and peppermint.

We also cooked a second family meal of risotto with radicchio and blue cheese-recipe to come in the next few days. Santa was good to us this year and brought us lots of kitchen goodies: a food processor, egg poachers, a salad spinner, a pasta and ravioli maker, a loaf pan, and a crockpot cookbook. I sense many good recipes and blog entries to come! Happy Holidays.


  1. Pasta and ravioli maker! I'm jealous. My primary Christmas presents this year were knife related... and I've already cut a (small) slice of my thumb off with my big new knife! Hope your presents are less physically abusive.

  2. unfortunately, i have also cut a (small) slice of my middle finger on the food processor blade. oopsies! i guess we both need to be a bit more careful.